Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

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A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) often called Brain-Machine Interface (BMI), Mind-Machine Interface (MMI) or Direct Neural Interface (DNI) is a computer-based system that connects the brain to an external device. The aim of Brain-Computer Interfaces is to export the user’s intention to the world through a connected device using his thoughts. Nowadays BCIs are mostly used to repair or restore sensory-motor or cognitive functions after injuries or disorders such as the locked-in syndrome. The field of BCI research has been focused on neuroprosthetics applications (Anupama, Cauvery and Lingaraju, 2012). The most widespread reported neuroprosthetics nowadays is the cochlear implant, with over 324’200 users worldwide as of December 2012 (,…show more content…
Passive BCIs have the advantages to be complementary as in they do not interfere with other human-machine interactions, and composability: passive BCI can make use of many passive BCIs in parallel without any conflict or interference. Where are we now BCI being a result of multidisciplinary there are many fields of research on very different fronts. The current state of research on Brain-Computer Interface has allowed people to control a multitude of different devices depending on the types of BCIs used. Non-invasive electroencephalogram (EEG) based BCIs have allowed participants – disabled and healthy – to control cursors in 1, 2 and 3 dimensions using sensorimotor rhythms (which is an oscillatory wave that decreases when the corresponding motor area is activated, e.g. during motor tasks (Wikipedia, 2015)). Control of a spelling device, conventional assistive devices, a hand orthosis, functional electrical stimulation of a patient’s hand, robotic and prosthetic devices, and a wheelchair have all also been achieved with sensorimotor rhythms (Shih, Krusienski and Wolpaw,…show more content…
On the more theoretical part, there is also research to find better algorithms to decode and analyse the brain signals. Also translation is being researched as to be transposed to all or most

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