Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Cellphone

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Introduction In the 21st century, many advance technologies are constantly being developed to make mankind’s life easier. However, some items that human could imagine are not in the market yet, for example the triangular 3D shaped cellphone which is also called the “ Flip concept phone ”. As you can see from the picture on the left, it looks special in a way that the market in Malaysia as well as other countries has not come out with this product yet. The side color of the cellphone could also be changed into ones favorite color. Moreover, the phone uses three flexible AMOLED displays that are protected by Gorilla Glass to depart from the typical brick design that the current smart phones rely on. The Flip’s three screens are attached with steel mesh and can be unfolded to transform the phone into a variety of shapes. The unique form and unique way of interacting with it, is supposed to set it apart from other phones, but more importantly, it's supposed to add value for the user, making the experience of using a smartphone even more exiting and engaging. In addition, the cellphone could also stand horizontally or vertically without any extra accessory to support its weight. There’s even a physical keyboard tucked away on the…show more content…
For example, maybe the size of the cellphone is too big etc. The first disadvantage of the flip concept cellphone is the size of it. Its shape can be unique but it can also be hard to handle towards the people with small hands. In the picture on the left, it has showed that the woman is holding and talking to the phone uncomfortably due to the size of it. Nowadays, cellphone are one of the most important devices in every human being’s life, because it is the simplest way to communicate with each and everyone. Therefore, people want to have a device that is easy to handle when they are communicating, especially long
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