Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Group Essay

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As an individual who works in a company, I have always been a part of a group and still am. However, there are traits in me which has been outlined in this discussion, both on the negative side and on the positive side. In the past, I have taken on roles which were helpful, but sometimes, they were not helpful. On the positive side, I have taken on the role of an:
Someone who sees a problem and think that he has the capability to figure out an answer or a solution and then, have other go along, seeing the problem in a difference perspective. As a person who often works in the field or an outside station, I do encounter problems that demand a quick solution. Sometimes, the problem could be how to rectify a badly perform
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This is obviously an area I always thrive to do well. I have the ability to use suggested ideas and turn them into reality. For instance, at the end of each working day, every member of my group will have to orally report the progress of the assignment they are handling. However, a member of the group suggested a daily written report would help me not to skip any of the reports. That was a good idea because while they would orally report to me, I will often write point which at the end of the day, some vital information would have left my brain. However, I built on that idea and came up with a method where report should be sent to my e-mail. Apparently, that is how we presently coördinate the assignment…show more content…
In other words, he has the ability to dominate a conversation without necessarily giving other group members a chance to express their view. Apparently, the nature of my work, somehow, demands that I listen to the ideas of other group members, but at other times, for the benefit of the project at hand, I have to take up the role of a dominator. I primarily work in a group and sometimes, when I have to complete a project and the group is not working to actualized or compliment my effort to get the project completed as required, their opinion will not make any sense to me, rather, I impose or exert total dominance in the group, not allowing anybody to have a say in the matter. Although this role is often regarded to be a negative role, but it does help to achieve important result when the group is not willing to work at the same pace as I do. As a field officer, the delay or possible failure of a project is my responsibility, therefore, when I sense a delay to a project completion, I imperatively take on the role of a
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