Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Personality Trait

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Advantages and Disadvantages Referencing Northam and Bluen (1994), they label “competitiveness… as the fourth 'toxic ' component in me multidimensional Type A model”. Another correlation between Type A personalities and the negative effects that traits such as competitiveness have include the result that “researchers found that more than twice as many Type A people as Type B people developed coronary heart disease” (McLeod, 2014). It is also important to understand that the effect that a personality trait such as competitiveness has on individuals will vary across different varieties of people. In his study, which compares male to female differences across North and South America, Schneider found that “Girl’s scores for avoidance of competition were significantly higher than boys’” (Schneider 2005). Another aspect to the study was the relationship between groups of friends varying in closeness. One more notable outcome includes the distinction that the effect of competitiveness on relationships differing from male friendships to female friendships. The results pointed out that competition “was associated with increased companionship between male friends only” (Schneider 2005). Personal Views and Experiences My experiences of being competitive have greatly shaped and influenced me in many different sections of my life. Competitiveness in school for starters, has always been a given for me: I have always had high expectations for myself, and with those expectations
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