Advantages And Disadvantages Of APA Writing Style

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1. I think that having formatting standards such as APA is very necessary and useful for a clear communication. When we use an editorial style, we remove the distraction of puzzling over the correct punctuation for a reference or the proper form for numbers in text. An author writing for a publication must follow the rules established by the publisher to avoid inconsistencies among journal articles or book chapters. For example, without rules of style, three different manuscripts might use sub-categories, subcategories, and Subcategories in one issue of a journal or book. Although the meaning of the word is the same (in this case, subcategories is APA Style), such variations in style may distract or confuse the reader. To sum up the need for a consistent style becomes more apparent when complex material is presented, such as tables or statistics. 2. There are advantages and disadvantages in using an APA style. Let’s start with benefits: One major advantage of the APA writing style is that it encourages direct exposition of your research and emphasizes your original ideas being reported. This precision is complemented by a straightforward manuscript structure that includes a title page, abstract, body, reference list and, if applicable, appendices. Also, APA citations include a brief reference in the body of your text paired with a full citation in your reference list. Citations within the text should list last name of the author and that author’s publication date, followed by a page number if the citation involves a direct quotation. In addition, the APA writing and citation style ensures you are giving adequate credit to others for prior work and allows the reader to easily track your references. What is more adopting the APA writing style guarantees that both the structure of your paper and the format of your citations are consistent throughout. The clarity of your writing along with a precise citation format works to establish your credibility, and it reflects the extent of your research. On the other side the drawbacks in using such a style are: Firstly, the APA manual has a rule for just about every aspect of writing. You will find instructions for the technical aspects of constructing a paper,

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