Advantages And Disadvantages Of ASP, Sales And Sales And Computer Services

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.2.1 Introduction
Every company or firm requires CRM to handle its sales and marketing activities. The manual processes of CRM are now replaced with automated services like SFA and EMA.
The latest trend with respect to software services is to lease or hire the services. The increasing costs of installing software and the complexities involved in creating an infrastructure, and human resources to maintain and manage the technical aspects have given rise to this trend. As a result a business model where a particular organisation provides computer services to its various companies. These organisations or third party entities are called Application Service providers or ASPs. These ASPs have bought down the costs to a great extent. These have a
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are also a few more examples of free ASP tools. Besides, there are paid ASP services also. So how does ASP operate? It operates as given below.
 The software provider owns the software, the hardware like servers and resources like the support team
 The software provider makes the software available to the customers through Internet
 And the customer pays the service provider on a fixed model that is, on a monthly basis or per-use format.
c) Advantages and disadvantages of implementing ASP:
The advantages of implementing ASP is that, this model helps in saving time and cost involved in implementing a technological infrastructure, like servers, network software, database etc. Besides this, each time software updations happen, expert support is provided by the service provider. However, the service terms and conditions are to be defined. Besides, these some more advantages are listed here.
• Elimination of Software integration problems from the client’s premises
• The cost of the software application is spread over a number of clients
• The service providers gain more experience in the application than the internal staff
• The maintenance and management of the software systems is taken care of by experts from service provider’s
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