Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aboriginal Australia

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Proportionally, more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups live in poverty than any other group in Australia. Indigenous Australians have moderate access to economic and educational resources with a significant high level of social isolation, particularly in rural and remote locations. In Australia over one million people live in chronic deprivation. Indigenous Australians are among the population; they are more likely to experience severe disadvantages in comparison to non-indigenous Australians. In communities, there are clear disparities encompassing indigenous health, education, housing and employment levels. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people obtain the lowest employment rates in the county. 52.2 per cent of Indigenous Australians between the age of 15 and 64 years were unemployed in 2012-2013, compared with 24.4 …show more content…

The organisation is funded by the Commonwealth Government however, they obtain limited resources to cover all areas of law; as a result, they mainly represent defendants from criminal law matters. Legal services for civil and family law remains high. In addition, research has indicated that there is tremendous resistance of equality between the funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services and Legal Aid Commissions this will affect their access to courts. It is vital that the all states Commonwealth Government to collaboratively work with Indigenous Australian legal services to ensure that effective and culturally appropriate services are available to aboriginals in all areas of law. 2016-2017 statistics have shown that funding for some Indigenous legal aid services has decrease and will continue to decrease in the future. There will be limited Indigenous legal services available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander because of inadequate funding. This will affect access to

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