Advantages And Disadvantages Of Additive Manufacturing

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1. 3D printing has come a long way ever since its invention. With technological progress, additive manufacturing industry is growing in a rapid manner. The technology is also becoming immensely popular. additive manufacturing has monopolised the news for its massive potential in almost every market, including automotive, aerospace, medical/dental, robotics and even toys and action figures. The aerospace and medical sector have seen the maximum use of this technology with the creation of 3D printed aircraft/ space shuttle parts and various body organs (which have helped in saving many lives). Apart from its innumerable advantages, this technology has also its fair share of disadvantages. In order to use additive manufacturing, it is important to be aware of the merits and demerits of it so that we can be prepared to use it to our maximum benefit. The various advantages and disadvantages of additive manufacturing are enumerated in following paragraphs.

2. Advantages. The various advantages of additive manufacturing are:-

(a) Manufacture of Customised Products. With additive manufacturing technology, manufacturing has become easier and simple. Now a days, people at any place can manufacture any product they want, using just a 3D printer, its .STL file and the desired raw material. This has made way for customised products, as it helps you to create your own designs in 3D, and manufacture them on the spot.

(b) Rapid Prototyping. 3D technology can manufacture stuff
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