Advantages And Disadvantages Of Administrative Reports

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Administrative Reports
Overview with tools, software, best practices and alternatives
What is an administrative report?

An administrative report is a document that presents the status and progress of certain work within a team or a company.
Who does administrative reports?

An administrative report is usually done by a person with an administrative function. Common examples are office secretaries and administrative delegates. Those with higher position such as managers and supervisors are also eligible to create an administrative report.
Why do people write administrative reports?

Administrative reports are prepared to give the current status and progress of a certain project within a team or a company. The report aims to note all aspects of the project within the team, including the assessment
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Since the reports inform team members about these existing or rising issues, they will be able to strategize and develop a plan to counter and resolve such issues.
Disadvantages of administrative reports

While administrative reports help in the workflow of a team’s project, it also presents some flaws.

Some administrative reports have inaccurate or incomplete information, which may adversely affect the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of data. For instance, inaccuracy of the numbers in an inventory report in an administrative report may affect the succeeding shipment of products. Another example is a list of cases in an administrative report in a hospital. Failure to list all kinds of cases may change the results when data are analyzed.

The other negative point in administrative reports is that some readers only read the end part – the summary, conclusion, and recommendation. It may sometimes end up the reader asking questions, instead of reading the whole paper.
Best practices for doing administrative
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