Advantages And Disadvantages Of Americanization

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Due to the globalizations of the market and ever extending businesses, Americans businesses as well as other business has been expanding into other countries as a way to produce and delivering the fastest. Many Fortune 500 companies has change the ways others view the market, exporting the productions into countries that costs less to produce then America, but along with that many growing pain was produced. And changes were made to accommodate and posited towards the future, for the workers to welcomed.

Americanizing a company because they are under contracted with an American company and works the way they want to. However, many failed due to not understanding the ways that each country cultures are differing from region as well as what they are influenced by. “One emerging shift that companies must cope with is that employees in China are expressing higher expectations, and many do not want to leave the countryside and commute into cities, shares Dr. Doug Allen, director of the Daniels College of Business International MBA program and associate professor of management, at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.” (Chang, 2016) Many people are not willing to leave their families behind, due to countries like China senior homes costs a lump sum of cash. With many people wanting to take care of their parents and they don’t want to travel too far from the country side. Commuting is a slight disadvantage, more over is that people are having a
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