Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Earwack

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Jaewon. Lee
4. 3. 2016
Paper #2
Have you ever heard of ear-pick? It is also called ear-scoop or ear-spoon. Most families in South Korea have at least one ear-pick in their house. I have heard that there is a job picking earwax with an ear-pick in China. It looks like a spoon or a shovel and it is much smaller than tea spoon because it should fit into ears. It is made of many materials such as bamboo, stainless steel, gold plated, and plastic. Some of the plastic ones have LED inside at the tip of ear-pick, so we can see inside of our ear well. If you are picking earwax by yourself, you do not need the LED one because it is for the person who picks your earwax instead of you. In South Korea, mostly mothers pick their children’s earwax,
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Swabs have some advantages. For example, when I am feeling lazy, I can simply clean up my earholes. While using swabs is easy, using ear-pick requires a little bit of delicacy unless you want to get hurt. However ear-picks have much more advantages than swabs. First, using an ear-pick is eco-friendly. Some people might say making ear-picks also can cause destruction of ecosystem. That might be true, but I think making swabs destroys much more trees and making ear-picks is needed just a few trees compared to making swabs. In order to make swabs, a lot of trees have to be cut down and a lot of cotton is used carelessly. However, if we have ear-picks, we might be able to save a lot of trees and cotton might be used for better purposes. As long as you do not lose your ear-pick, it will stay with you forever. Additionally, after using it, you can easily wash it. Second, it is cheaper than one pack of swabs. For example, if you bought one pack that has 100 swabs, you could use 200 times because cotton is on both sides. However if you had an ear-pick, you could use it more than 200 times. Fresh air is free offer due to saving trees. Third, you feel cleaner by using an ear-pick. Swabs cannot clean your earhole perfectly, and using swabs is like wiping and using an ear-pick is like scraping. If you have not cleaned your earhole for a long time, you might discover a small piece of paper with ear-pick and you might feel you can hear something from 10 miles
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