Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Organization

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Each person is unique and have different beliefs and lifestyles. It is very rare to find two individuals who are exactly alike when referring to the way of thinking and interpreting many things. People may come from the same background, but tend to have different perspectives about certain situations. Culture is defined in many ways and can be defined differently in the workplace, in a family, or at a restaurant. As stated before, people can obtain a certain culture. Different generations may inherit the same culture, and an organization may have a certain culture they practice. If everyone tend to think the same, will there be new discoveries and theories? If everyone was the same, will there be less discrimination and judgement? These questions both emphasize the benefits of an organization that may have members who live by the same culture and disadvantages when there are various cultures in an organization. In this world today, people most likely experience these advantages and disadvantages in an organization. People should be able to view the world through a cultural lense, especially in the workplace. During the hiring process, Theobald seeks for students who have exposure to people from different cultural backgrounds or those who are open to interact with students with different learning styles. In the writing center there are many students who come from different cultural backgrounds. English is usually their second language. With this being said, Theobald
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