Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aquaponics

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Advantages of Aquaponics
Going further to Aquaponics, it has many benefits and advantages. One major benefit of Aquaponics is that it produces two agricultural products, plants and fishes, from a fish feed. And with that, it is a great solution to our constantly increasing population. The balanced system of aquaponics can save massive amounts of water due to it being reused over and over again, but because of evaporation and transpiration, adding water is required to replace the water that evaporated.

Hydroponics The word Hydroponics originated from the Latin word “hydro” which means “water”, while “ponos” means “labor”. Altogether, the word hydroponics means working water. Hydroponics, a system of plant cultivation without the use of soil. During the 1600s, a researcher named Francis Bacon wrote about hydroponics, which prompted new findings regarding the transfer of nutrients into the plants without soil. There are many problems in traditional farming which uses soil, such as having pests, the usage of water, and it is also very tiring to the farmers. Some of these problems in traditional farming are solved with hydroponics. Hydroponics uses a growing medium and water with the necessary nutrients that are directly delivered to the roots. The plants that are being cultivated are nourished sustainably using the recycled nutrient …show more content…

In this technique, the plants are cultivated in a narrow horizontal pipes wherein a thin layer of nutrient rich solution is flows and circulates through it continuously (TECA, 2015). This system is only suitable for small-sized plants because large plants that have big roots will clog the pipes. The plants are placed in a net pot within the holes of the pipe. In this technique, a mechanical solid separator and biofilter needs to be added. a biofilter is necessary because that is where the nitrification process will

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