Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Patterns

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Artificial limbs
Moath Alhazmi
Ahmed Adawi
Ibrahim Ahmed
21/8/1438 17/5/2017
Dr.Haitham Bahaitham
Most countries in our world now facing a crisis which is it the accident and the wars where people in it lose their limbs and the best solution for that is using artificial limbs. We need to develop the invention so everyone in the world can use and. One of the strongest positive impact of artificial limbs is that can help people to live normal again , also the report shows the types of artificial limbs the advantages and disadvantages and the history and the impact on people is life.


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Because of the horrific wars it was happening at the time it caused much injury that where artificial limbs started to shine. There were many people who lost their parts that where they started improving the design. The French army Dr. Amboise Pare, who is considered to be the founder of artificial limbs and he was the first to invent a leg made of iron in 1529. After the U.S. Civil War in the early 1860sm a large number of doctors have interest in artificial limbs they were wondering how its work the design they wonder, Prosthesis with a suction pocket and a multi-articulated foot were designed by Dubois Parolee during this time. After World War II, which pushed the advancement of prosthetic device design even further, the National Academy of Sciences established the Artificial Limb Program. [3] There became a new emphasis on the movement and functionality of artificial limbs, resulting in the invention of the above-the-knee and below-the-knee prostheses in 1945 and 1975,
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