Advantages And Disadvantages Of Authoritarian Leadership

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Furthermore, Fullan points out that leaders should have good ideas and present them well (the authoritative element) while at the same time seeking and listening to doubters (aspects of democratic leadership). They must try to build good relationships (be affiliative) even with those who may not trust them. Leaders must learn to accept resisters for two reasons. First, they sometimes have ideas that we might have missed, especially in situations of diversity or complexity or in the tackling of problems for which the answer is unknown. Second, resisters are crucial when it comes to the politics of implementation. In democratic organizations, such as university, being alert to differences of opinion is vital. Successful organizations don’t go with only like-minded innovators;…show more content…
They are significantly predisposed to choose discipline over praise as a motivator. These leaders operate effectively in very structured circumstances. Moreover, they tend to discourage engagement of employees in decision making, problem solving, planning etc. In this type of environment, many managers and leaders believe that employees do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves. Rather, they believe that employees are only motivated by their salaries and are lazy and not loyal.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Authoritarian Leadership
Authoritarian leadership is sometimes useful for quick decision making. These types of decisions require precision and an expert in the niche in question to make the ultimate choice for the benefit of the company and its employees. Authoritarian leadership is most suitable in situations in which employees are brand new and inexperienced in their jobs. Furthermore, this type of leadership can be appropriate in situations where time is constrained. In some other circumstances, employees challenge the leader’s authority, or a business or department has been mismanaged by a prior

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