Advantages And Disadvantages Of Automatic Cooking Machine

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JEET BHUVA 217151677 INTRODUCTION The home appliances industry today caters to almost all day-to-day requirements of the customers except one integral part of their day- Cooking! While several cooking appliances exist like the microwave, oven, steam machines, induction plates and gas stoves, which use timers and controls to monitor food preparation, unleashing maximum potential of automation still seems far from commercialization. The ‘Fully Automated Cooking Module’ or the ‘FACM’ is capable of preparing a complete dish on a single button press. FACM has numerous direct and indirect advantages and strong value proposition in the home appliances, hospitality and food industry. CONCEPT DESCRIPTION FACM- Fully Automated Cooking Module As the…show more content…
In the early 2000s, a patent named ‘Automatic Cooking Machine’ (Chang 2000) was filed to Shien-Fang Chang in which he designed a cooking machine that could do much more than cater to a couple of disadvantages of Yu-Chaun Lee’s ‘Automatic Frying Machine’ design (1987). The Automatic Cooking Machine comprised of a feeding device, a stir fry device, a serving device and a washing device. The machine could deep-fry device and stir-fry device, had a stove device, a cooker transmission device and a panel each mounted on a base. Each of the devices to carry out an automatic cooking process was controlled by a program logic controller corresponding with micro-switches and photoelectric sensors…show more content…
The SWOT analysis is a widely used industrial tool because of its simplicity and practicality. Apart from an output-based strategic planning, SWOT is used as a dynamic part of business development and management process (Pickton and Wright 1998). Action plan is prepared on the basis of the analysis with a focus on how to convert Weaknesses into strengths and Threats to Opportunities. Figure 6: SWOT Analysis of FACM THE TEAM Matrix organizational structures are a blend of Functional and Projectized organizational structures. A ‘Strong Matrix’ organization is adopted where the Project Manager holds maximum authority and leads a project management staff which comprises of ‘Station Managers’. Functional Managers employ technical staff under them and report to a Technical Head. A member from each function works for a development of particular Stations. This form of organization breakdown is best suitable to manage and execute the development of FACM wherein each cooking station is considered to be a project. A renowned multi-cuisine Chef is an advisory. Cooking is a meticulous process which requires state of the art skills. Chef guides on the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the process along with culinary techniques and recipes. Figure 7: Organizational Structure of FACM

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