Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bamboo

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2 Materials & Methods 2.1 Cotton & Vetiver Cotton, bamboo fiber and vetiver has got many properties. Products of these materials with different properties are available. But a non woven product or product made of these materials is for the first time in the textile industry for the car seats. This is the most specialty of this material, Bamboo and vetiver grains have got anti-microbial properties in nature. By enhancing that properties plus the anti-fungal cooling effect, fragrance of the vetiver and the UV protective nature of the bamboo fiber, this product has been developed. 2.2 Bamboo Bamboo fiber is cellulose fiber extracted or fabricated from natural bamboo (and possibly other additives) and is made from (or in the case of material fabrications, is the pulp of bamboo plant. It is usually not made from the fibers of the plant, but is a synthetic viscose made from bamboo cellulose. (In the US, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ruled that unless a yarn is made directly with bamboo fiber- often called “mechanically processes bamboo” – it must be called “rayon” or “rayon made from bamboo”. Bamboo has gained popularity as a “green” fiber. Manufacturers tout the fact that bamboo can be cultivated quickly, can be used as a cash crop to develop improvised regions of the third world, and is a natural fiber (as opposed to popular synthetics like polyester) whose cultivation results in a decrease in greenhouse gases. 2.3 Vetiver A fragrant extract or essential oil obtained from the root of an Indian grass, used in perfumery and aromatherapy. The grass is Vetiveria zizanioides, family Gramineae. A member of the Gramineae family, vetiver is native of the South Asian region which includes India. Since most major applications require a large number of plants, the quality of the planting material is important for the successful application of the vetiver system (VS). This requires nurseries capable of producing large quantities of high quality low cost plant materials.The exclusive use of only sterile vetiver cultivars will prevent weedy vetiver from becoming established in a new environment. DNA tests prove that the sterile vetiver cultivar used around the world id genetically similar to Sunshine and
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