Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Bilingual

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We all speak a language, some of us have the privilege to speak two. Being bilingual has a lot of advantages. The amount of people I’m able to communicate with is larger than someone whom only comprehends one language. I wasn’t born bilingual. It took years for me to fully understand both Spanish and English. It wasn’t easy, but I am now able to have a full on conversation with someone who just speaks English or Spanish. It was a long, tough journey, but it was definitely worth the time and effort. Learning one language is tough. Educating someone with two, even tougher. I started speaking at a young age. I was about eight months when I said my first word in Spanish. At the age of one I was able to tell someone what I wanted for…show more content…
By the time I entered Pre-K I spoke English. I didn’t speak it fluently but, I understood what my teacher was trying to say. I did feel out of place at school. At my elementary school there were more kids whom only spoke English. Starting Westwood Elementary was the end of my spanish classes. My family were my only spanish teachers. I was so used to being around my family, who mostly only spoke Spanish. Westwood Elementary helped me learn how to read and write in English. Learning this helped me feel comfortable around the other kids in my class. The only issue with going to schools is, the teachers only speak to us in one language, English. I’m glad my teachers did, if not I wouldn’t have knowledge to type an essay. Starting middle school was a new challenge. There was still no spanish classes I was able to take. At the start of 6th grade, I started Dove Science Academy. It challenged me in many ways. Dove was a strict, and difficult school. In my English class my teacher, Ms. Fields would assign readings every other day. It was a never ending cycle, that was torture. I hated reading. I found it boring and a waste of time. I thought to myself “why do i have to read this if I’m going to forget about what I just read in a couple days?” The last day of 6th grade, I still hated to read. I hoped there wouldn’t be as much reading assignments in 7th grade. I was wrong, there were still readings throughout my whole middle school years. By the
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