Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bilingual Languages

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We all lived in the open world that we all connected with others in many different ways. A new study said that more than eight million people around the global share each other by one language, which is English, a global language. When you raise a child you try to teach him everything. Children in this stage and according to resource’s can focus and learn faster more than any other child. By learning them from early ages it enhances listen ability, and they can notice different between more sounds and letters. In the last decades, the numbers of children who try to learn and read other languages grown rapidly worldwide and almost everybody use in it. And in this essay, we will discuss what does it mean to become literate in different languages and cultures?

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First of all, in English and Arabic for example there are few different between both languages, like English has 26 letters five vowels and 21 consonants. In the other side, Arabic languages has 28 letters, similar letter with simple different, like apple or tofaha. English has uppercase and lowercase, like A, a. In English we start from left to right, Arabic is opposite, and so many different between both languages. Or same pronounce with different spelling, like these examples: flower- flour, or see-sea-letter c, and sun-son. Etc. As we all know and learn that Different cultures or communities have different idea or identity. For example, a study studied the differences between both reading and writing in different community. It’s about the way they get it and the community. Like in white working class, where lot of stories and materials for children. But these things are way different in afro American community, they believe that preschool is not important and it is actually poor and they do not have a lot of materials. Adult talk and children listen. In that way, they encourage to ask and get idea from what they

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