Advantages And Disadvantages Of Binary Option Trading

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Trading is one of the popular means of earning and there are plenty of options available to us. However, the one gaining popularity around the globe, these days amongst all is Binary option trading. It was first introduced in the United States by reputable financial service providers & investment firms. Later on, it has been adopted by many countries and made it legal form of financial trading & investing. Binary option is recommended because it is short term investment which results in high returns. People want to earn huge profits in the short term trading opts for binary options trading and it is recommended due to various factors as it can be done anytime during a day or night. Let’s explore more about binary option trading and tips and…show more content…
You can keep a close watch on the assets you are thinking to invest as in how they are performing in stock markets, their latest updates, and market trends. It will help you to decide when to buy in binary option and earn profits.
Say for example, you would like to invest in stocks. Many companies like Google, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, etc plans to launch their new products once or twice a year. You can follow them and observe the behaviour of their stock’s performance in the market before and after the performance of their mega events. This activity is time consuming and requires lots of grounding like following news and events, but then you can win realistically around 70% to 80% with this strategy.
Once you have earned slight experience in binary option trading, you can start with short term trading. For long term trading, news revolves around for several days or weeks, but for short term, news can’t help. Here, you can’t rely on the news to get updates on asset prices and all because short term trading is done in few minutes or some hours. As an alternative, you can read charts of various assets and their market trends. Well, good thing is that trends are pre-defined in short term if you grab the model during early developmental; you are more likely to

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