Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bio-Degradable Plastic For Milk Packaging

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. Bio-degradable Plastic for Milk Packaging
This type of bio-plastic is made up of petroleum. So, this type of bio-plastic also produces CO2 at the time of manufacturing. But this type of bio-plastic degrades automatically in the soil and water within few days to few months depending upon environmental conditions. It helps in waste management, as this type of plastic degrades automatically in the environment and thus no need for incineration process. As per different study reports, when we burn 1 kg of plastic, .670 kg to 4.600 kg of CO2 is produced. This produced CO2 highly depends on environmental conditions and temperature of incineration. Problem of land filling is also reduced as this plastic degrades in less time in the environment. In this project,
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Sample calculation of carbon footprint from total milk pouch packaging in one year
There are many type of milk packaging which are used from old days like glass bottle, plastics bottles, tetra pack all have their own importance but these have some disadvantages too, so now a days plastic pouches packaging is most suitable for milk packaging due to its advantages over other packaging medium, like easy to handle, low in cost, less in weight etc. Approximately, 30-35% of milk is used in direct form, rest of milk is packed in various packaging form, like Glass bottle, Plastic bottle, Tetra pack, plastic pouch etc.
As per data from total milk production 146.3 million tons, approximately 40 million tons milk is used for packaging milk for drinking purpose. This milk is packed in half litter and one litter pouches, which are made of conventional plastics (Low-density polyethylene and Linear low density polyethylene). For packing of such huge quantity milk (40 million tons litter), it needs a big quantity of plastics. As you can say that huge quantity of carbon footprint is produce, which is very dangerous for our environment. But it can be reduce by replacing conventional plastic by biodegradable

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