Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biogas

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Due to scarcity of petroleum and coal it threatens supply of fuel throughout the world also problem of their combustion lads to research in different corners to get access the new sources of energy, like renewable energy resources. Solar energy, wind energy, different thermal and hydro sources of energy, biogas are all renewable energy resources. But, biogas is distinct from other renewable energies because of its characteristics of using, controlling and collecting organic wastes and at the same time producing fertilizer and water for use in agricultural irrigation. Biogas does not have any geographical limitations nor does it require advanced technology for producing energy, also it is very simple to use and apply. Deforestation is a very…show more content…
Selma A. Iqbal has made up on the anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste to produced biogas and also told that using of biomass fuel in our country to problem solving technique of energy oriented then to reduce the deforestation in higher level and important of environmental issue like that greenhouse gas emission[10]. Md. ForhadLune Al Imam told digestion time & volume of gas production (%) in cow dung is 20-30 days & 46.03% [6]. Zihan Yong has made up on due to anaerobic co-digestion process in which of Food Waste &straw this is to give in methane production reach at 0.392m3/kg-vs. And increased by percentage of gas in 39% to 149%.Total amount of gas production in 1 liter capacity at which rate of 58 m3/kg-vs & 67.6 m3/kg-vs. [13] P.VenkateshwaraRao has made study on the bio gas is one of the most efficient and effective options among the various other alternative sources of renewable energy currently available. It is produced through anaerobic digestion processes where the microorganism converts complex organic matter into a mixture of methane and carbon
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