Advantages And Disadvantages Of Birth Control

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Birth control is the act of preventing pregnancy. There is many methods of birth control like the pill, shot and birth implant. There is many benefits and disadvantages of birth control that teenagers don’t understand and some do. There is so many people in the world that can help teenagers get their knowledge about birth control from a doctor, parents and even by just reading on the internet about birth control. Birth control hasn’t promoted naive behavior, should be allowed to purchase birth control, and promote having sex at a young age. Birth Control is a question to others if a teen gets birth control does it promote naïve behavior. Birth control is a form of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Studies have shown that, “On average, young women in the U.S. have been sexually active for 22 months before their first visit to a family planning provider.1” This shows that teenager wanting to have birth control doesn’t promote naïve behavior because before they even get birth control they were more than likely 22 months sexually active. For teenagers that have school that have condoms available for the students they are twice as likely to use condoms during sexual encounter (Preventing). Presenting birth control to teenagers will not promote naïve behavior because they are presented with sex educations, condoms, and many other sex tips in school. There has even been controversy on if teenagers should be able to purchase birth control. Laws on teenagers purchasing birth
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