Advantages And Disadvantages Of Black Box Testing

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6.8 Black Box Testing
Black-box testingalso referred as behavioral testing, focuses on the functional requirementsof the software.Black-box testing attempts to find out errors in thefollowing categories: 1.Incorrect or missing functions
2. Interface errors
3 errors in data structures or external database access,
4 Behavior or performance errors,
5Initialization and terminationerrors

• Tests are done from a user’s point of view and will help in exposing discrepancies in the specifications.
• Tester need not know programming languages or how the software has been implemented.
• Tests can be conducted by a body independent from the developers, allowing for an objective perspective and the avoidance of developer-bias.
• Test cases can be designed as soon as the specifications are complete.


• Only a small number of possible inputs can be tested and many program paths will be left untested.
• Without clear specifications, which are the situation in many projects, test cases will be difficult to design.
• Tests can be redundant if the software designer/ developer has already run a test case.
• Ever wondered why a soothsayer closes the eyes when foretelling events? So is almost the case in Black Box Testing.

6.8.1Graph Based Testing Methods
Software testing begins by creating a graph of important objects and their
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Moving inward along the spiral, we come todesign and finally to coding. To develop computer software, we spiral inward along streamlinesthat decrease the level of abstraction on each turn.A strategy for software testing may also be viewed in the context of the spiral Unit testing beginsat the vertex of the spiral and concentrates on each component of the software asimplemented in source
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