Advantages And Disadvantages Of Breastfeeding And Bottle Parenting

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One of the most difficult decisions a mother has to make after having a baby is how the baby will be fed. Society has begun to manipulate mothers when making their decision by making formula so easy to use, leaving the option to breastfeed almost taboo in nature. According to her article, “Breast is Best? Reasons Why Mothers Decide to Breastfeed or Bottlefeed Their Babies and Factors Influencing the Duration of Breastfeeding,” Seaneen Sloan, a lecturer at University College Dublin, et al. write “more educated mothers have been shown to breastfeed for longer” and “younger mothers are less likely to intend to breastfeed”(285). I have personally experienced both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding my children, and I can honestly say that they…show more content…
Formula also has advantages in some situations.For example, if a mother is unable to produce enough breastmilk, she would be able to bottle-feed the baby in order to sustain her child. Formula is also more readily available for adoptive parents who are not able to access breastmilk or produce milk themselves. However despite the positives of formula, breastmilk will always be the most beneficial choice for a newborn because the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. The first time a baby is breast fed after birth, they take in the “first milk”, called colostrum, which is often yellow and fatty and gives the baby just what they need as soon as they are born in the smallest amounts (Sloan et al. 285). Colostrum passes on the mother’s antibodies to the baby, which strengthens their immune system to fight off any kind of bacteria or infection they are exposed to after birth (285). An infant’s immune system is not fully developed until the age of two, so when an infant is breastfed, they have an advantage over babies who are bottle-fed since they receive the antibodies in their mother’s milk (“Benefits of Breastfeeding” 125). Breastfed babies have been shown in many different studies to have a decrease in infections such as pneumonia, otitis media (middle ear infection), and urinary tract infections

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