Advantages And Disadvantages Of Building System

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1.0 Introduction
Human beings have long been using the activity of building construction. Take the Arabian region for example, the pyramids in Egypt are one of the most shocking and astonishing wonders in the world. Pyramids were built using a well-organized building system which nobody still seems to know, yet everyone recognizes and admits that it is so well built that it lasted for over 2000 years. Humans for ages have been building shelters and buildings using different types of building systems. For centuries, the traditional building system has been used for almost all types of buildings. The mechanized building system was later introduced and adopted in many developing countries. Nowadays, countries are tending to lean into a far more developed system due to the many advantages it offers; that building system is the industrialized building system. But what exactly differentiates the industrialized building system from the other two systems and what advantages does it offer? This paper will briefly introduce the traditional and mechanized building systems to compare them later with the industrialized building construction system and show the reasoning behind countries adapting this system.

1.1 General terms in building systems
To introduce the mentioned systems, a brief definition of a building system is needed. Merritt and Ricketts (2000) defined a building as “an assemblage that is firmly attached to the ground and that provides total or nearly total shelter for machines, processing equipment, performance of human activities, storage of human possessions, or any combination of these.” Merritt and Ricketts (2000) expressed building design as the process of providing the information required for the construction of a building that meets the owner’s …show more content…

2.1 Traditional building

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