Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bureaucracy

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MEANING OF BUREAUCRACY The term Bureaucracy comes from the French word bureau which means office or desk and it combines this word with the Greek word kratos which means rule or political power. Although there were many who gave various definitions of bureaucracy but it was Max Webber a German sociologist who conducted a formal study on bureaucracy and his work led to the popularization of this term. The definition of bureaucracy given by Max Webber was “Bureaucracy is an organisational structure that is characterised by many rules, standardised processes, procedures and requirements, number of desks, meticulous division of labour and responsibility, clear hierarchies and professional, almost impersonal interactions between employees”.
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As a result, lifetime employment is offered. It is expected from the members to pursue a career in the organisation. In return for this career commitment, employees are offered a tenure which means they will be retained in the organisation even if they burn out or their skills become obsolete.

1) Creativity thrives within a bureaucracy- Although a bureaucracy is considered as a large mass of rules and regulations; it also represents a place where responsibility is compulsory. People who work inside a bureaucratic system often have a higher level of qualifications than the general public, they have more self-direction, are more open-minded, and utilise their creativity in ways that promote the general good in comparision to those who are not bureaucrats.

2) Job security is provided- The structure of a bureaucratic system creates more job security than any other forms of oversight. If a worker obeys the rules and regulations that govern their position, then they will be rewarded with specific benefits and a fixed salary that will allow them to live the lifestyle they wish for. Health insurance, vacation time, and also a retirement pension can be included as part of the security a bureaucracy
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