Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cattle Herding

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Jobs that have become recently obsolete

Due to the industrial revolution and progress of technology, jobs are beginning to become obsolete. These jobs include; the milk man, inspectors, testers, samplers etc. in factories and drivers.

Milk man
Before fridges were invited men delivered fresh, cool milk right to your doorstep before it spoiled. This was usually done by young, charming well-mannered men. This labour recently ended due to the introduction of fridges, shopping centres, preservatives and new ways for milk to last longer (condensed milk).

Inspectors, samplers, testers & weighers
Before machines factories hand tested, sampled and weighed products and officials were called in for inspection. Now we have the technology analyse and inspect products and weight them while being prepared for packaging. Because of this advancement these workers are no longer needed and told to move on from the ‘old days’.

Drivers (not people who drive vehicles) used to manually herd cattle and sheep where ever they were expected/needed (like cowboys). A robot has recently been created to drive herds and go stand even the harshest of environments. Although this makes it easier for farmers it has left lots of drivers unemployed.
Videos and information on this new cattle herding robot

Jobs that have recently been created

Although technology have made many jobs obsolete it has also
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