Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chaarismatic Leaders

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We’ve all been around those people who always seem to know what to say. They could sweet-talk their way out of any situation. They’ve got that certain charm…they’ve got charisma. However, like any style, the charismatic leadership style has its advantages, and its disadvantages. One characteristic that is common among charismatic leaders is the ability to speak well. Leaders that use this style frequently convey their messages to large audiences and must be able to hold the attention of the people they are speaking to. Often, they are humorous and high energy, but they also contrast this lighter tone by becoming very serious at important points of their addresses. This contrast generally helps the leader drive home their main points. Charismatic leaders can also be highly persuasive. Because they are typically talented speakers, charismatic leaders generally know what to say to sway people to believe the same way they do, or are able to convince people to buy into their plans or ideas. For this reason, many motivational speakers could be considered charismatic leaders. They are generally concerned with inspiring others to fix some part of their life, to have a better outlook on life, to work hard for their organization, or something along the same lines. To successfully accomplish their goals, motivational speakers must be able to persuade their audience to make a change. Political leaders are also commonly viewed as charismatic leaders. First, they employ persuasive

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