Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chinese Education

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The argument about the advantages and disadvantages of the Chinese education system, which is famous for its focus on memorizing, is of a heated debate for a long time. People praise it by claiming that it is an effective tool for students to grasp knowledge, while others blame it for suppressing creativity and acting as a factor of disincentive.

A Brazilian educator and philosopher, Paulo Freire too seem to have seen the bad part of it. In his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970), he criticizes the model of a teacher-student relationship that the teacher is a narrator, forcing the student, as the "container" or "receptacle", to only memorize the content she teaches. Therefore, what Freire disapproves is exactly the typical teacher-student relationship in the Chinese classroom. As a native Chinese student experienced this relationship until entered an international high school, I will agree with Freire’s view to criticize it.

In my opinion, the
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Just as domestic cats will not go out looking for food like stray cats because they always full, “receptacles” that “filled” by teachers are not motivated to research and explore knowledge by themselves. Once my class was taken out on a field trip near a beach. Our project there was to assemble a floating robot, yet we were reluctant to do it because we had already learned the method in school so we supposed we knew how it would work. Unfortunately, we missed the opportunity to develop, and only left with a narrow and theoretical knowledge. The “narration sickness” also means lack of motivation to learn. Students are passively receiving the textbooks content that teachers teach them, so neglecting the importance of exploring knowledge by themselves. To “fill” the students is disincentive for them to discover knowledge on their own, which will result in a limited personal
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