Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chronic Kidney Disease

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MACHINE LEARNING APPROACH FOR PREDICTING STAGES OF CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE ABSTRACT Chronic kidney disease refers to the kidneys have been damaged by conditions, such as diabetes, glomerulonephritis or high blood pressure. It also creates more possible to mature heart and blood vessel disease. These problems may happen gently, over a long period of time, often without any symptoms. It may ultimately lead to kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant to preserve survival time. So the early detection and treatment can prevent or deferral of these complications. One of the main tasks is giving proper treatment and accurate diagnosis of the disease. The major problem is finding an accurate algorithm which doesn’t require long time to run for…show more content…
RELATED WORK Miguel A et al [8]. Proposed a distributed approach for the management of alarms related to monitoring CKD patients within the eNefro project. The results proof the pragmatism of Data Distribution Services (DDS) for the activation of emergency protocols in terms of alarm ranking and personalization, as well as some observations about security and privacy. Christopher et al [9]. Deliver a contextualized method and possibly more interpretable means of communicating risk information on complex patient populations to time-constrained clinicians. Dataset was collected from American Diabetes Association (ADA) of 22 demographic and clinical variables related to heart attack risk for 588 people with type2 diabetes. The method and tool could be encompasses to other risk-assessment scenarios in healthcare distribution, such as measuring risks to patient safety and clinical recommendation compliance. Srinivasa R. Raghavan et al [10]. Briefly reviews the literature on clinical decision support system, debates some of the difficulties faced by practitioners in managing chronic kidney failure patients, and sets out the decision provision techniques used in developing a dialysis decision support
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