Advantages And Disadvantages Of Climate Change Essay

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It is highly obvious that climate change is happening in most countries. In more detail, global temperatures have been rising for over a century, speeding up in the last few years, contributing to global warming. If that continues, disastrous scenarios can happen, but it is definitely not too late to save the Earth from destruction. This essay’s purpose will be identifying the disadvantages of climate change and how this problem can be solved in the future.

To begin with, in order to save the planet, people have adopted a 3R approach, which is recycle, reduce, reuse. People have started to adopt recycling habits. These recycled materials, which were used before and can be used again, are picked up and turned into new, useful products by the large companies. People recycle because it may reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfill, can reduce deforestation, saves energy and produces more energy-efficient products. As it is well known, the most important feature of recycling is that it prevents methane emissions of landfills.

Secondly, there have been introduced new technologies aimed at removing carbon dioxide. Some climate scientists are quite optimistic. Two degrees of warming will almost certainly wipe low lying islands off the map, but they think 1.5 C might just be within reach.
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Green energy sources can contribute to “social and economic development, sustainability of energy, climate change minimization and the reduction of negative environmental and health impact”. The use of solar and wind energy became more widespread. Having solar panels installed is something readily possible and available. Incentives and discounts given by governments, agencies and energy companies make solar energy something to look into and wind energy is now one of the most cost-effective sources of new generation, competing with new installations of coal, gas and nuclear
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