Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coal

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Advantages • Coal is affordable energy source due to the coals stable price compared to other types of fuels. • Coal is known to be very easy to burn. • Coal produces high energy upon combustion. • Coal is known to be very inexpensive. • Coal is a reliable energy source. Disadvantages • Coal energy produces a lot of carbon-dioxide which leads to global warming and climate change. • The burning of the coal is not friendly to the environment because it makes up harmful byproducts and gas emissions such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide which causes pollution to the environment and could lead to acid rain. • Coal is a nonrenewable source of energy. • Coal is decreasing fast because we consume it to much. • Coal mines destroy the environment and put the people mostly the coal miners in serious danger. Oil Advantages • Oil has one of the highest energy densities. That means that only a small amount of oil can create a large amount of energy. • Oil is spread in almost every part of the world. • There is also a huge infrastructure to transport oil to other places through ships, pipelines and tankers. That means that oil is very convenient all over the world. • Oil is not really that hard to make. Oil is being mined off of the coasts in seas and also tar sands. Oil Refinery Technology is also very old, which states that getting products out of it such as diesel and petrol are also easy to make. • Oil can
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