Advantages And Disadvantages Of Collaboration

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Almost all organizations and companies know the required to break and become effective collaborators. Collaboration doesn't happen by small throwing a switch. Instead, organizations and companies must create a culture that accepts shared responsibility and authority for results. The organizations which learn to collaborate are creating competitive advantage on the market which is difficult to do it again. Collaborative Advantage is the ability to form effective and rewarding partnerships with other organizations, for mutual benefit. Kanter found that the most productive relationships achieve five levels of integration: Strategic integration. This involves continuous contact between the top leaders of each organisation. Leaders should not form a partnership and then leave it to others to nurture the relationship;…show more content…
this brings middle managers and professionals together to develop plans for specific projects or joint activities; Operational integration. This is the sharing of resources, information and knowledge to accomplish the planned joint projects and activities, e.g. through co-located teams, joint training programmes and data
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