Advantages And Disadvantages Of Conservatism

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In politics, there are two prominent ideological views that help construct society. The first ideology is conservatism, which views society as a creation of slow evolutionary development, and prefers less intervention by the state. The second ideology liberalism, views society as a more optimistic sense of human nature and prefers more of an involved role of government within the state and society. I thereby address the question: “Examine the advantages and disadvantages of adopting two of the political ideologies (e.g. conservatism or liberalism). Which one should be more widely applied in Canada and why?”, and argue that through the examination of the advantages and disadvantages of the conservatives and liberals view on the economy, environment, and healthcare, it will become apparent that liberalism should be more widely applied in Canada.
Firstly, the conservative’s government view on the economy is able to exemplify many advantages for Canada’s economic market. To begin, the conservative party mainly supports the free market, which has a view for less government intervention, and can support higher economic growth, better jobs, and a high standard of living for Canadian citizens (Harper, 2015). For example, conservative party leader Andrew Scheer views himself as “a free market enthusiast” who can help add value to the economy and help small businesses (Stone, 2017). Further, the free market is beneficial because there are no attempts to interfere with the supply or price of a product, leading to no loss of economic knowledge (Scruton, 2014). Therefore, it is important for Canadians to realize how the conservative parties view on the free market and lowering taxes is able to help small businesses and families grow within the Canadian economy.
The conservative party’s economic policies, however, exemplify disadvantages. Since the conservatives mainly prefer a free market economy, this can lead to fewer regulations for the Canadian market, which can end up potentially providing a less stable economy. Further, the conservatives view of the market can also potentially put the needs of the company beyond the needs of the consumers, as there are no limitations acting on a free market (Free Market, 2017).
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