Advantages And Disadvantages Of Container Housing

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Increasing population, declining geographical area and rising rent prices are making it increasingly difficult to find cheap and qualified housing in all the major cities of the world. When we include the countries and cities bearing the earthquake risk container houses that are structures providing a shelter against earthquake as much as they offer different and alternative living areas, has arisen as serious solutions in the residential sector.

Shipping containers have been used for many years and they have a fascinating history. Their main purpose of to be used is cargo and exporting mostly by ships. However it is their role as secure and cheap storage units that led shipping containers to become familiar objects seen everywhere from residential
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This brought the increase of alternatives in this area. Now when we think about container houses, we shall not think of boxes from that huge metal that is carried on a ship or a truck. Container houses are now produced in a wide variety of styles, from very different materials and colours, in short, the selection has expanded considerably.

The most important reason why container houses are becoming popular and popular in our country is certainly that the security offered by the container houses. This is also the reason why the container houses are being held in other countries where earthquake risk is high like our country. Because of they are single storey non-flooded and, non-destructible, container houses are at the forefront as the most secure way to provide earthquake
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It saves time.
- They can be found in almost many places because they are so much common used.

When we see these several examples of container houses we can deduce advantages and disadvantages of building container houses.

There is not chance of damaging of collapsing. That is why they are one of the most durable systems for earthquake. After earthquake occurred in many places, instead of building temporary tents, these containers are even built, what is more, people who lived earthquake feel safer.. Due to, columns, shear walls or braces do not exist in this system, the whole container bears its load by itself so it is earthquake proof.

These units are manufactured in factories without getting effected by bad weather conditions. Thus, quality and productivity increase. Due to plumbing, covering, joinery are with these containers, the installation time in construction site decreases. When we compare with the traditional system, it lasts less and saves on time.

This units have standards and are produced the same, for that reason, cost per product decreases. Even tough, it is not required to follow standards, it is possible to have blocks as desired, and they are still cheaper than traditional
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