Advantages And Disadvantages Of Court Imposed Bans

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Introduction Police, venue and court banning orders are used in Queensland and other Australian states to address violence in and around licenced premises. These banning orders in Australia are intended to ban disorderly and/or violent patrons from licensed premises. There are three types of bans that can be imposed; police imposed bans, court imposed bans, and venue imposed bans. These three bans differ in a number of ways, and have different strengths and weaknesses regarding how well they work. They also relate to different social theories including, deterrence theory, and rational choice theory; all of which will be explored throughout this presentation. Court Court imposed bans can be issued for a number of reasons, most commonly to…show more content…
Venue Licensed venues are also able to impose bans on violent or disorderly patrons. However, unlike police and court issued bans, the ban I only applicable to that specific venue (or if the venue is a part of a chain, it can be applied to all the chain venues). This also differs from police and court issued bans, as a police or court issued ban can enforce any venue to ban the offender, however, venue issuing banning has no control over other venues. Once again, the duration of the ban differs to police or court bans, instead it is up to the specific venue to decide upon the length of the ban. Due to this, it is possible for a venue to impose an indefinite ban on an offender if they so choose. It is also important to note that these bans cannot be discriminatory and be based of prejudices. Theories There are two main social theories that relate to court, venue and police issued bans in Australia; these being rational choice theory, and deterrence theory. These two theories often work together, and rely on punishment based judgements. Rational choice theory makes the assumption that people are rational, and therefore they will make rational decisions. This theory suggests that when making a decision, people will take into account incentives and benefits, versus the risks, such as punishments. If the risk outweighs the benefit, then rational choice theory

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