Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cropping

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INTRODUCTION OIL PALM The oil palm which the scientific name is Elaeis guineensis. It comes from a species of palm and commonly called African oil palm or macaw-fat. It originates from tropical rain forest regions of South and West Africa, specifically the area between Angola and the Gambia. They are used in commercial agriculture is the production of palm oil. The species now are extensively cultivated in Malaysia and Indonesia since there are the tropical countries which together produce most of the world supply. CROPPING • It represents cropping pattern that use on a farm and their interactions with resources, other farm enterprises and available technology, which determined their makeup. INTERCROPPING Intercropping is multiple…show more content…
Intercrops maintain the soil fertility as the nutrient uptake is made from both layers of soil. 4. Reduction in soil runoff and controls weeds. 5. Intercrops provide shade and support to the other crop. 6. Inter cropping system utilizes resources efficiently and their productivity is increased 7. Intercropping with cash crops is higher profitable. 8. It helps to avoid intercrop competition and thus a higher number of crop plants are grown per unit area. Disadvantages of intercropping: 1. Yield decreases as the crops differ in their competitive abilities. 2. Management of I/c having different cultural practices seems to be difficult task. 3. Improved implements cannot be used efficiently. 4. Higher amount of fertilizer or irrigation water cannot be utilized properly as the component crops vary in their response of these resources. 5. Harvesting is difficult. Main crop Spacing (m) Cocoa as inter crop Coconut 7.5 x 7.5 One Cocoa row of plants at 3m interval at the center of two Coconut rows and One Cocoa at the center of two Coconut plants along the Coconut row. This layout will hold about 500 plants per hectare Arecanut 2.7 x 2.7 One Cocoa row of plants at 2.7m interval at the center of two Arecanut rows. Likewise alternate gaps of Arecanut rows should be filled in. This layout will hold about 686
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