Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cross-Functional Teams

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Cross-Functional teams are Dysfunctional Student: Mariam Mtsituridze In Hrward Business Review Behnam Tebrizi wrote article about his personal experiance with researching - „what caused cross-functional teams to suceed“. During the research everything went differently; he figured out that 75% of cross-cultural teams failed. Tebrizi hold detailed study of 95 various teams from 25 corporations. Corporations were operating in different industries such as: IT, banking, government, retail, pharmaceptical and etc. Study showed that reason for failing was at least 3 out of 5: 1) planned budget; 2) planned schedules, 3)specifications, 4) customer expectations and 5)aligning companies strategies. The reason why most of dysfunction of cross functional…show more content…
Our daily work become more diverse where people with different background have to work on the same issue/project. At the same time, working environment of cross-functional team is complitly different from the teams of the same functional level. For instance, a group of people from IT department speak on the same language, they have the same understanding of objectives of their work, while people from finance department have their common view which differs. And the same story goes on with different departments. In cross-functional team there can be members of HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations where each person has his/her own understanding and view. This diversity is thought to be a reaseon of effectiveness of cross-functional team but as we can see from the article it can be problematic as well. I by myself, have often experianced the same problem while working in cross-functional teams. For instance, different issues were arised: • Prioritization between their daily job and additional one. • Lack of…show more content…
Later on as attitude changes members start to work as a team. Article provides following rules for PGT-Portfolio Governance Team: • Every project should have an end-to-end accountable leader. In to the big companies with higher hierarchy cross-functional team members can benefit from mirroring structure. For instance, from different functions have each leader as VP of marketing, VP of finance and etc.On the other hand there should be one leader overseeing it all. • Every project should have clearly established goals, resources, and deadlines. In the innitiation process of the project, one of the main role of PGT-Portfolio Governance Team, should be agreed upon project constraints such as schedule, budget, deliverables, scope. • Teams should have the project’s success as their main

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