Advantages And Disadvantages Of Designing A New Automated System

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Designing stage: Before designing a new automated system, one should carry out a study of the existing system. This study in an evaluation of how current methods are working and the problems involved there in. The result may be taken to determine the features that must be included in a proposed system. One has to structure the existing system’s study by seeking answers to following questions: • What is being done • What is the purpose of the activity • How is it being done • What steps are performed • How frequently does it occur • How long does it take • How great is the volume of transaction • What needs to be changed The outcome of such a study should help to identify features of the new system including both the information the system…show more content…
The major problem in this conversion method is that there is no other system to fall back on if serious problems arise with the new system. (b) Parallel conversion: Here the old system is operated along with the new system. Under this approach, both old as well as new systems will be operated simultaneously. This method is the safest conversion approach, since it guarantees that, should problems arise in using the new system, the library can still fall back on the old system without loss of time, or service. The disadvantages of this method are significant. First of all, the system costs, since there are two sets of systems under operation. In some instances it is necessary to hire temporary personnel to assist in operating both systems simultaneously. 96 Second, the fact that the users know they can fall back to the old ways may be a disadvantage. As a consequence, the new system may not get a fair trial. (c) Phased conversion: This method is used when it is not possible to install a new system by the organization all at once. Here the conversion takes place phase by phase. The disadvantages of this method may be that it is not suitable for al situations and it is difficult to identify which phase has to be automated
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