Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diagnostic Imaging

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Modern medicine has undergone major advancements over the past years. One of these developments include the capacity to retrieve crucial information about the human body and its health beyond the use of manual diagnostic techniques. This is referred to as Medical or Diagnostic Imaging.

Medical or Diagnostic Imaging refers to the various techniques that can be used to see inside the human body. Its non-invasive nature means that the body does not have to be opened up surgically for medical practitioners to view the organs anatomically. In clinical settings, it can be used to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of different ailments. Many kinds of medical imaging techniques have already been developed, each with their own advantages
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Early diagnosis provided by its sophisticated technology saves countless patient lives, and without its help, we wouldn’t have been able to develop cures or treatments for many diseases. Its ability to monitor subtle changes in patients that would otherwise be missed by unassisted human eyes is also a hallmark of modern clinical practice.

The radiograph, one of the most common diagnostic imaging tools utilized in this field, possesses a very important component called contrast. Contrast helps radiologists perceive image detail and glean information from the area of interest. Radiation Technologists, or Rad-Techs, should always ensure that radiographs have the right amount of contrast so that the radiologist can easily read them for faster diagnosis.

In terms of education, enormous equipment and expensive yet high quality machines have always surrounded the College of Medical Radiation Technology (or CMRT). However, it is not just about the cost but also about their effectiveness and usefulness for the CMRT students. With these machines, students get to have hands-on activities that prepare them for when they take their internship in hospitals and as future health
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