Advantages And Disadvantages Of Difficulties In Translation

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Difficulties and problems faced the English language, English to Arabic and vice versa. The study aims to bring out the difficulties that students in the translation from faced the students in general and students of the University of Tabuk, and what is the extent of the impact on the students in terms of improving the translation, in addition, to see reasons for this case and Why some educated will be falling down into error when translating anything Also, will talk about the proposals to improve the situation in the translation process. To achieve the objective of this study, there will be an interview with 50 students from the English Tabuk University who face Difficulty in translating and also test for those students to assess the difficulties that face in the translation and how to improve their performance.

Introduction: Translation is the ability to speak either verbatim or conduct of the language to another without
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When we talk about translation we talk about changing the world of language to another language with much different about the words and linguistics. Also, translation difficulties among students of English lead to reducing understanding and the absorption educational materials in the other language In this research will be a focus on the difficulties faced by students at Tabuk University, these problems not for students at Tabuk University but also for all students who learn English or learn any other language. Also, some students when they faced this problem, they search for a simple solution to overcome the problem without a fundamental solution. in addition to Some students tried to search for a solution problem through translation centers that may be incorrect or there are a lot of
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