Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Communication In Different Cultures

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Digital communication in different cultures
Digital communication is any message passed through digital devices, or it is any type of information sent digitally.
People use digital communication through smart phones (texting), social media websites, email, applications (apps) and so forth. Most people all around the world use digital communication with an aim of communicating effectively regardless of any distance between the sender and the receiver.
For example in western countries people usually make transactions from their bank account to another’s using an application called Paypal; you can select a preferred funding method for payments made through the “regular checkout process”, as well as goods and services via send money. You also have
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The message can be stored in the device for a long period of time without suffering any damage, digital communication can be done over large distances through internet. More options being able to share media both socially and for business.
Much less bulky than analogue equivalent, more options and flexibility in terms of recording and reviewing media. Another advantage is that you can talk to people if you are home sick or want to work at home, and you can communicate with and to anyone around the world.

The negative side of Digital Communication
Some of the disadvantages could be piracy, cyber-bullying, people trying to use other’s identity, your privacy is more open to monitoring and easier to be recorded without your knowledge or consent (for both criminals and government). The disadvantages of digital communication can severely hurt a lot of people depending on what the situation is.

How to improve digital communication
The digital communication in different cultures can be improved by establishing engagement policies.
Allow for creativity and experimentation as new platforms emerge and technologies
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