Advantages And Disadvantages Of E4clicks

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1.0 History/Origin
In the current manufacturing environment, estimating can affects the economic condition of a business. It is the basis of your profit or loss. Estimates that are huge, produce no work, because we are underbid and hence would not gain those potential orders or sales. We may win underbid jobs, but they do not produce the efficiency profit from which we can successfully involve a business.
Employers and engineers find it easier to justify purchase of equipment and software used on the floor rather than estimating software. Obtaining the correct quantity of sheets, bars, or castings is necessary. Whether we do it by using our trusty calculator, writing the numbers down, plugging them into the shop management system
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It helps most users to does estimating contract works for construction efficiently by giving a good plan and accurate work throughout the contract works. “e4clicks” is well known for its “Job Order Contracting” (JOC) and “Simplified Acquisition for Base Engineering Requirement” (SABER) which is useful for contractors or subcontractors because of its well organized and systematic solution or for repair works and also building renovations. “e4Clicks” gives a kick off in competing with other estimating contract works software programs. This is one of the software that is easy to be run with all of the government contracts, where it can run all of it in a single program. Moreover, “e4Clicks” could also goes beyond the contract to provide users with friendly features where it also give users to have their estimating works to be easily done. This company “e4Clicks” has been over more than a hundred years with accumulated different types of project management, highly known software programs development and also been working in the DOD estimating. “e4Clicks” allows their users to outline, retain and also enhance the software for the future usage. In addition, this software is produced the estimators its own for the users which is also

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