Advantages And Disadvantages Of Emerging Technology

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Emerging technology Emerging technology is technology that are put together to perform similar tasks and advances innovation in various fields of technology. It will change the social and business environment; it is currently developing and will be improved in the next five to ten years. A result of this is because we use most up to date technology so we can perform tasks with the highest level of efficiency. There are various kinds of emerging technologies today like wireless data connection, customized printing (3D printing), bio technology, artificial intelligence , augmented reality and cloud computing. Three-dimensional printing 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional objects that are…show more content…
Once human develop artificial intelligence it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans who are limited by slow biological evaluation couldn’t compete and would be superseded” - Stephen hawking. - Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence Advantages: jobs- depending on the level and type of intelligence these machines it would have an effect on the type of work they can do. complex dangerous task that are currently done by humans can know be done by artificial intelligence. Do not stop- as they are machines they do not sleep and do not have holidays or get ill, therefore they will get a lot of work and tasks and all that is required is to provide an energy source. Increase our technological growth- it enables us to grow and advance our technology, for example machines could help us discover new chemical elements and compound, this means not only will our technology be advance but we will gain and expand our knowledge. Disadvantages: Inferior- as machines will be able to perform most tasks better than us, they will be taking a lot of our jobs which will result in masses of people jobless Emotionless- they do not sympathize with humans which cases them not really having common sense and be
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