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A. You are the supervisor of an eight-person procurement office for a manufacturing company. You need to hire a mid-level employee to work purchasing and contracting actions for the company. What procurement- and supply management-related knowledge, skills, and abilities would you look for in someone applying for this mid-level position, and why?

I believe that hiring a mid-level employee to work purchasing and contracting is possibly the largest hurdle for upper management to achieve in terms of hiring today. This is the personnel that should be able to more easily steer the company in the direction that it wants to be heading. This means they have an understanding on the job and how to get the job done. It is even more important of a hire
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B. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sourcing from suppliers located overseas. Which do you think make for a more compelling argument -- the advantages or the disadvantages? Why?

Suppliers located overseas can be a very controversial topic, not only in today’s procurement and supply management field but also throughout the country in general. There are defiantly some advantages to suppliers located overseas but there are also disadvantages that can outweigh the advantages in some
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This is no different for the world of procurement and supply management when it comes to overseas suppliers. Businesses need to be aware of the possible communication barriers, international laws, regulations and even customers. The costs that may come with being able to export and import the items being made overseas can become a huge money and time pit. This could cause the savings being had by making the items overseas to quickly disappear. Quality of items is also a possible disadvantage that can come from making products overseas. In a lot of cases of overseas manufacturing follows the trend that you get what you pay for, low price means low quality. More of the luxury types of companies are beginning to bring their business back to the United States according to Schmidt (2016) because they are starting to realize that cheaper is not always
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