Advantages And Disadvantages Of Endometriomas

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The primary outcome of interest was the suturing time. The secondary outcomes were total operative time, suturing difficulty, intraoperative blood loss, perioperative complications and the impact of surgery on ovarian reserve.
Statistical analysis
Statistical calculations were performed using Microsoft Excel 2010 (Microsoft Corporation, NY, USA) and SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science; SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) version 15 for Microsoft Windows. Student’s t and χ2 tests were used to compare continuous and categorical variables respectively. A probability value (p value) of less than 0.05 was considered significant.
Between December 2014 and March 2016, 86 consecutive patients with endometriomas were assessed for eligibility. Forty one patients did not meet inclusion criteria and five patients declined to participate in the study. Figure 1 illustrates the flow of the patients through the study.
Both groups were comparable as regard to age, body mass index, parity, indications for surgery, basal FSH and mean endometrioma diameter (Table 1).
In both groups, suturing was effective in controlling bleeding from endometrioma bed. Operative time and suturing time were significantly shorter in the barbed
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However, barbed sutures shorten operative time and therefore reduce hospital expenses. Intestinal obstruction may occur if the cut end of the barbed suture is left long. The free end of the barbed suture can attach to the bowel or the mesentery causing kinking and narrowing of the bowel or volvulus. Several authors recommended cutting the ends of the barbed sutures flush with the tissues, burying the ends of the barbed sutures or covering the ends of the barbed sutures with surgicel or LAPRA-TY device to reduce the risk of bowel obstruction

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