Advantages And Disadvantages Of External Recruitment Methods

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Assess Methods for Proper External Recruitment The following will present an analysis of the most important factors regarding external recruiting within the modern workplace. Chosen were five external methods for attracting external candidates available to an organization for evaluation. The advantages and disadvantages of the five external methods selected will be assessed. Additionally, an analysis of the future challenges of the five external methods selected and the implications for the Human Resource Manager and the organization will be addressed. External Recruiting Methods An external recruiting method is the use of an outside source or means to recruit candidates in hopes to locate increased performance. Many external employees have prior experience being that…show more content…
These programs are generally cost effective because there is no cost unless a placement has been made. ( 2013) Another cost saving effect of internal employee referrals is that these referred individuals usually are easily integrated into the organizational culture being that they have established a friendship prior to employment. Disadvantages to internal employee referral programs can be the forwarding of information on referrals that is inaccurate in hopes that the employee will receive the offered incentive. Which is better, External or internal? According to Headhunting In Recruitment (2015), if there is a sudden change in technology to the industry, external candidate that have experience with the new technology can help an organization integrate the new technology quickly while the use of internal employees are slower to incorporate the same new
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