Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fiber Optic Cable

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A fiber optic cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers within an insulated casing. There are designed for very high-performance data networking, long distance and telecommunications. Compare with wired cables, fiber optic cables give higher bandwidth and can transmit data over longer distances. Fiber optic cables support world's internet, telephone systems and cable television. Fiber optic cables transmit signals using pulses of light generated by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or tiny lasers. The cable consists of one or more strands of glass, each only slightly thicker than a human hair. The center of each strand is called the core. The core provides the pathway for light to travel and core is enclosed by a layer of glass known as cladding that…show more content…
Fusion splicing needs a constant power supply and some special tools. 3. There are some situations where fusion splicing is not practical or can said it is impossible. Therefor an alternative we have to use mechanical splicing. 4. It is a time-consuming process and It can’t be used for temporary connections. 5. The fusion splicers need periodic maintenance which involves regular cleaning, occasional replacement and electrode alignment. 6.Fusion splicing is mainly used with single mode fiber unlike mechanical splicing which works for single mode fiber as well as multi-mode fiber. Apparatus required Fusion Splicer A fiber optic fusion splicer is a device that uses an electric arc to melt two optical fibers together at their end faces, to form a one long fiber. The resulting joint, or fusion splice, permanently joins the two glass fibers end to end. Therefore, optical light signals will transmit from one fiber into the other with very little loss. Fiber Cleaver Fiber cleaver that scribes and breaks (cleaves) the fibers to be spliced exactly, because the quality of the splice will depend on the quality of the cleave. Most splicing machines associate with a recommended cleaver. Fiber
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