Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flipphones

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When going to buy a new phone, people have so many choices. If I had the opportunity to pick a flip phone or a smartphone, I would choose a flip phone. There are many benefits to owning a flip phone. Flip phones are under rated, and walked over. The world would be a better place if most of the population used a flip phone. Flip phone's battery last for over 3 days. They won't make you sell your house or goat to get one. Cyber bullying percentage will totally decrease even though it allows Facebook most cyber bullying doesn't happen on that app/website. Especially the drama you won't be mixed up in. These reasons should influence the population to trade in their smartphone for a flip phone.

First of all flip phones battery can last for a long time, for even three days. This detail in flip phones makes them extremely important. The battery for the phone lasts for a long time so just in case you're ever in a bad situation your flip phone won't have a dead battery. This will also make you save your money. The chargers
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The official pricing of a flip phone is some what cheap. The flip phone has low data fees. They have low data fees because the flip phone doesn't have games or any of that entertaining stuff. This also means that if you lose the flip phone you won't have to sell your house or your goat to buy a new one. You can go to a store and buy a flip phone for maybe 20$ or 30$. Even a flip phone packed with smartphone features is probably less-expensive than the equivalent smartphone. As the prices for smartphones continue to soar, more people are discovering that flip phones provide more than enough features to meet their needs. Lot's of people that have iphone's buy apps that they will most likely never use. Using a flip phone would reduce the urge to go to the app store and buy an app that cost money. Plus since you won't want to use games your data plans will last for a really long
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